NTA 370: 14.50" Fully-Automatic, Double-Column Cold Saw (5" Round Tube Capacity)

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Voltage Options: 220 Volt / 3 Phase / 60Hz

The Quantum Macc NTA 370 Vertical Double-Column Fully-Automatic Cold Saw has a moveable head that can move up to 45 degrees right and left; and the head also has rotation stops at 45° - 0° - 45°. The NTA 370 has a vice that is complete with an anti-burr device, and a motor pump for blade lubrication. This unit is equipped with a bar stop, bar support arm, and service tools, as well as the machine's manual. The NTA 370 can store up to 9 programs, each of them with 99 steps for a total of about 890 cutting positions with relevant piece-counter.


Cycle start is obtained by pressing the relevant start pedal.
The machine performs the following operations during the cutting cycle:

1. Feeding of Material.
2. Closing of Vice and Fixed Vice will Lock.
3. Activation of Blade Motor, Rotation of the Blade and Delivery of Coolant.
4. Cutting Head Begins Down-Stroke. (While the head is descending to make the cut, the Feeding Carriage will return to the fixed measure - preparing itself for the next step of feeding the material).
5. Completes Cut & Head Returns to Initial Position as Blade Motor and Coolant Stops.
6. The Vice will then Open (if there is another step, the step feeder will then begin to feed).


Round Tube

  • Straight Cut: 3"
  • 45° Left Cut: 3"
  • 45° Right Cut: 3"

Square Tube

  • Straight Cut: 3"
  • 45° Left Cut: 3"
  • 45° Right Cut: 3"

Solid Round Tube

  • Straight Cut: 3"
  • 45° Left Cut: 3"
  • 45° Right Cut: 3"

Rectangular Tube

  • Straight Cut: 3.9"H x 3"W
  • 45° Left Cut: 3.9"H x 3"W
  • 45° Right Cut: 3.9"H x 3"W


    • Automatic CNC hydraulic circular cold saw performing cuts from 0° to 45° to the right and left produced according to the current safety standards.
    • Additional Vice.
    • Variable Speed Inverter.
    • Motor pump.
    • Vice pressure regulator.
    • Tempered and ground vertical slider.
    • Tempered and ground vice jaws.
    • Head lowering adjustment.
    • Service tools.
    • Instruction manual and exploded view of spare parts.
    • Blade Size: 370 x 2.5 x 32mm Bore HSS Blade
    • Maximum Vice Opening: 7.2” (183mm)
    • Step Feeder Stroke Length: 23.6" (599mm)
    • Machine Weight: 1,985 lbs. (900 kg.)
    • 2 Speeds: 25 - 50 R.P.M. (Saw can be equipped with Variable Speed Inverter)
    • Overall Dimensions: 6'-3"H x 11'-6"W x 3'-11"L or 75”H x 138”W x 47”L or 1,900mm H x 3,500mm W x 1,200mm L
    • Additionally, this Saw Includes:  Instruction Manual, Service Tools & 1 HSS 370mm Cold Saw Blade.