BM25: 10 Ton Hydraulic Vertical Broaching Machine

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Electrical Options: 220V / 1PH / 60Hz


The BM25 Vertical Broaching Machine is designed for both small and medium-scale productions. Notable for its flexibility, dependability, and swift setup, this hydraulic broaching equipment from NARGESA is constructed from a solid, welded, and machined steel monoblock. It's an essential tool for crafting notches and keyways in a variety of components, including sprockets, pulleys, and gears. Additionally, the BM25 can be utilized as a press for loosening rusted parts and is adept at assembling and disassembling bearings, among other applications.


  • VERSATILITY: It's used for making small and big pieces. All kinds of broaching and different tolerances. 2mm keyways from 2 up to 25mm or 1" inch.

  • RELIABILITY: Due to its way of use the keyway is always made with the required tolerance.

  • EASY USE: Anyone can make a keyway, there's no need to be a skillful operative.

  • FAST SETTING UP: The preparation time of the machine before making a broaching operation is approximately 1 min.

  • ADVANTAGES: The machine can be moved easily next to a lathe or machining center. While those machines work, the same operative can make the broaching operation.


  • Hydraulic Power: 10 Tons
  • Max. Broaching Capacity: 0.98" (25mm)
  • Working Speed: 1"/s
  • Return Speed: 2.20"/s
  • Shank Displacement: 23.6" (600mm)
  • Gooseneck: 11.8" (300mm)
  • Max. Piece Diameter: 23.6" (600mm)
  • Pump Flow: 7.5 Liters
  • Motor Power: 3HP / 2.2kW
  • Bench Dimensions: 16.5” x 16.5” (420mm x 420mm)
  • Machine Dimensions: 32” x 50" x 93"
  • Machine Weight: 1,750 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 Years (On any defective parts.)
  • Voltages Available: 220 Volt / 3 Phase / 60Hz or 480 Volt / 3 Phase / 60Hz
  • Broaches in millimeters and inches.
  • Broaches of different kinds and tolerances: ISO J-9, ISO P-9.
  • The broachers we offer are one of the best trademarks in the market, internationally speaking. They are manufactured under strict quality controls, guaranteeing the higher liability and durability, Made in the USA. Some shims are provided with each broach, the ones used for accomplishing the required tolerance.
  • Its versatility, reliability, productivity and easy handling make it one of the best machines for a maintenance workshop or medium production factory. By medium production we mean less than 350 units.


Broaches made of first quality treated and rectified steel to optimize the perfect finish of the piece and the exact tolerance. Each set of broach is equipped with the required shims. (Optional Broaching “Accessories” available at an additional cost.)

Broaches of 2 and 3mm

2mm Broach (0.078” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00001

3mm Broach (0.118” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00002

Tolerance: JS9
Dimensions: 0.125” Wide x 5.25” Length
Broach Model: I
Number of Shims: 0 units
Min. Cutting Length: 0.20” (5.15mm)
Max. Cutting Length: 1.12” (28.57mm)
For Holes From (inches): 0.23” to 0.39”
For Holes From (mm): 6mm to 10mm
(Approx. Broach Accessory Weight: 0.044 lbs.)

Broaches of 4 and 5mm (Short)

4mm Broach (0.157” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00003

5mm Broach (0.196” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00004

Tolerance: JS9
Dimensions: 0.25” Wide x 7” Length
Broach Model: II
Number of Shims: 1 units
Min. Cutting Length: 0.29” (7.54mm)
Max. Cutting Length: 1.68” (42.86mm)
For Holes From (inches): 0.43” to 0.74”
For Holes From (mm): 11mm to 19mm
(Approx. Broach Accessory Weight: 0.22 lbs.)

Broaches of 5 (Long), 6 and 8mm

5mm Broach (0.196” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00005

6mm Broach (0.236” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00006

8mm Broach (0.315” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00008

Tolerance: JS9
Dimensions: 0.375” Wide x 11.86” Length
Broach Model: III
Number of Shims: 1 units
Min. Cutting Length: 0.40” (10.31mm)
Max. Cutting Length: 2.50” (63.54mm)
For Holes From (inches): 0.67” to 1.41”
For Holes From (mm): 17mm to 36mm
(Approx. Broach Accessory Weight: 0.77 lbs.)

Broaches of 10, 12 and 14mm

10mm Broach (0.39” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00009

12mm Broach (0.47” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00010

14mm Broach (0.55” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00011

Tolerance: JS9
Dimensions: 0.56” Wide x 13.87” Length
Broach Model: IV
Number of Shims: 2 units
Min. Cutting Length: 0.75” (19.05mm)
Max. Cutting Length: 6” (152.40mm)
For Holes From (inches): 1.25” to 2.20”
For Holes From (mm): 32mm to 56mm
(Approx. Broach Accessory Weight: 2.2 lbs.)

Broaches of 16 and 18mm

16mm Broach (0.63” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00012

18mm Broach (0.70” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00013

Tolerance: JS9
Dimensions: 0.25” Wide x 15.25” Length
Broach Model: V
Number of Shims: 2 units
Min. Cutting Length: 0.75” (19.05mm)
Max. Cutting Length: 6” (152.40mm)
For Holes From (inches): 2.04” to 2.83”
For Holes From (mm): 52mm to 72mm
(Approx. Broach Accessory Weight: 3.3 lbs.)

Broaches of 20, 22, 24 and 25mm

20mm Broach (0.78” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00014

22mm Broach (0.86” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00015

24mm Broach (0.94” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00016

25mm Broach (0.98” Broach)
REF: 125-09-01-BR-00017

Tolerance: JS9
Dimensions: 1” Wide x 19.25” Length
Broach Model: VI
Number of Shims: 4 units
Min. Cutting Length: 0.75” (19.05mm)
Max. Cutting Length: 6” (152.40mm)
For Holes From (inches): 2.95” to 4.5”
For Holes From (mm): 75mm to 115mm
(Approx. Broach Accessory Weight: 7.7 lbs.)


Madison Environmental Resources, Inc. now broaches much more accurately and safer than ever!

“Last year we purchased the BM25 Broaching Machine from Quantum Machinery. With the BM25, we are now able to broach more accurately, more securely and more quickly. Ultimately that greatly impacts our operations – all the while putting at the forefront the safety of our employees. Our Sales Engineer, Tony Solano, was able to help us evaluate what we were looking for in a machine and help us get the unit that best met our needs. I would not hesitate to purchase another Quantum machine.”

- Bill Chadwick
(Maintenance Manager of Madison Environmental Resources, Inc.)